Portland based electronica artist Ben Braun debuts his first solo release, Silent Science, as B•R•A•U•N since his past collaborations with synthpop duo Mackintosh Braun.

Having grown up playing drums, Braun has always been noted for producing impressive rhythmic textures, with lush layered synths, many of which harken to an eighties sensibility that is a common thread throughout his music.

In his first solo release on Diving Bell, we hear many of the same qualities of his past works, while indulging more in soundscapes that are at turns exotic, hypnotizing and infectious hooks.  



"Lush, dreamy, synthpop gold"  - DANCING ASTRONAUT


"A beautiful tapestry of sounds that create a palpable feel of longing and melancholy.  Sparkling yet introspective" - EARMILK ['Gardens' premiere]

"Shimmers and jolts with an electrifying energy" - THE 405 [Album premiere]


KALTBLUT [Premiere Mixtape]


"Synth-pop magic...bright synths and punchy drums...If you want chill 80’s inspired synth music, this is for you". - MAGNETIC MAGAZINE ['Silent Science' premiere]

"B•R•A•U•N reaches toward a new anthem" - CLASH MAGAZINE ['Prague' premiere]