Seattle-based experimental electronica artist and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Anomie Belle returns with her most ambitious project and multi-media collaboration to date: Flux.  Her material grapples with issues ranging from suburban alienation to the human condition, sexuality, and critiques of corporate power.  

On her earliest experiences in music: "the first time I multi-track recorded a song I’d written that I felt really proud of, I was eleven years old.  I recorded it on a little cassette player my parents gave me. I started with a layer of piano, then a couple layers of vocals, xylophone, violin and some bits of percussion.  What I remember most was how in love I felt with the whole process, and that feeling of being completely and utterly immersed in creating something from nothing.  There was prescience in that feeling, and it’s never left."

In the years that have followed her first multi-track romance, Anomie has had many collaborators (Sneaker Pimps, Posies, Mr Lif) and was most recently featured on Yppah's album "Eighty-One" (Ninja Tune). She has toured with such diverse talents as Bonobo, Floating Points, Tricky, Little Dragon, Emancipator, Bajofondo and Ott, Cifika and formed her own string quartet to perform alongside The Album Leaf.

Anomie's style is due in equal parts to a life dedicated to refining classical technique (most notably on violin), and shaped through her meticulous studio production that pushes the boundaries of granular synthesis and vocal processing.  Her newest album, Flux, reveals the culmination of these experiences while reaching further into dark corners yet to be explored.  Flux is electronic, classical, moving, sensual, glitchy, emotive and pure.  Her music is quite of a world all its own, and in Flux we experience her most impressive work to date.




"As hyper-real as its distinctive cover (art)."UNCUT / Mark Bentley


"Saturday Gives sounded exquisite this morning on breakfast" (radio) - Nemone/BBC6

"A beautiful dreamy, psyche-tinged electro pop record." - Kevin Cole/KEXP

Flux reaches the monthly top 4 most played album - KEXP

Featuring "Lovers" as "KEXP Song Of The Day" & "Unwind" on "Music that Matters"  - KEXP

"A rich slice of art pop that moves fluidly between classical, soul, and electronica, often within the same admirable balancing artistic voice so singular, Flux is an aural landscape worth spending some alone time in." 

"If you didn't know Anomie Belle before, Flux is a great entry point to her discography, a great example of truly immersive, emotive electronic music.  Flux signals the welcome return of Seattle's siren to the forefront of modern electronica." - EXCLAIM.CA

"Yppah's Eighty One featuring Anomie Belle (Ninja Tune)...a beautiful, warm and almost nostalgic piece of music-making, “Film Burn” (features) the voice of Anomie Belle, a singer, producer and classically trained violinist based in Seattle...Beautiful, uplifting and imbued with a natural, unaffected warmth that cuts through the most biting cold, “Film Burn” - RESIDENT ADVISOR


"The world of Anomie Belle belies everything you’d instantly conjure when told about a classically trained violinist. She’s played with Grieves and Mr. Lif...composed film scores and worked with Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William...toured with Tricky, the Album Leaf, Little Dragon, and Sea Wolf and collaborated with The Posies.  Forget the box at this point and just enjoy the music."  - STEREO SUBVERSION


"Anomie Belle broke onto the scene in 2008 to rave reviews, opening for a span of different acts including the Album Leaf and Tricky. Anomie Belle is a classically trained violinist, and approaches drums, synths and guitars with similar attention to detail. Her music is looped and layered delicately, swirling soulful vocals together with percussion that carries a moody sadness."  - TOM TOM MAGAZINE