INTERVIEW: Beautiful Bizarre - Anomie Belle

Artwork by Redd Walitzki

Artwork by Redd Walitzki

Seattle-based artists Anomie Belle and Redd Walitzki have come together to create an absolutely decadent collaboration in alignment with Anomie’s newest album, Flux. Readers are invited to experience ‘Lovers’, the first single from Flux. It is both an audial experience as well as a visual journey, in a celebration of music and personal exploration, created in tandem with a beautiful art book. Redd is one of the featured artists in this book and her piece is a vivid, dewy portrait featuring Anomie herself. We’ve asked them to share more about Flux, their process, and their creative connection.

Anomie, can you tell us a little bit about your new album and art book, Flux?  

A: This chapter of my life has been creatively inspiring and fueled by intimacy.  I’ve been reflecting a lot about identity and the consonance and dissonance of the isolation we all experience.  The result is an album of constantly evolving, dreamlike, intimate musical landscapes that express those feelings and experiences.  I connected with over a dozen artists to create an art book to accompany the album that also represent that.  Redd was one of the people I got really close to while making Flux, so she understands me… and the music deeply.  She captured so much of what this album is about in her perfectly surreal portrait.

How did the two of you come to work together?

R: Anomie and I began collaborating a few years ago, after serendipitously connecting and realizing we had a mutual admiration and understanding of each other’s work. Flux was in its very early stages and my work was rapidly transforming. When Anomie started putting the art book together, I was delighted to have the opportunity to create a piece for her and wanted to capture both the sensitivity and strength that I relate to in her music. My hope was to create something that feels very iconic, and it’s amazing that it gets to grace the cover of her beautiful album!